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About me

Etienne Proulx is an internationally acclaimed tabletop specialist.

He has over 32 years of set experience in film, commercials and advertising photography, the last 20 specializing in liquid and beer styling. His stunning work can be seen in film and television, on stage, in print, and all type of digital media.

Etienne is a master craftsman combining great artistry with a complete understanding of every technical aspect involved in shooting tabletop and liquids. The beauty and innovation of his work is the result of his commitment to research and development, and ability to design and build his own tools, mockups and color corrected products.

Etienne has also developed into a sought after director, director of photography, and occasional storyboard artist. From his fully-equipped state-of-the-art studio or on location around the globe, Etienne consistently brings his clients’ products to their perfect best.