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What is a Beer Stylist ?

A beer-stylist is an engineer who brings beer to life. Generating perfect foam, effervescence, liquid in movement, carbonation, colour, condensation on glass and bottle – whether for live-action commercials or print photography – the beer-stylist is a knowledgeable and resourceful inventor who designs and builds tools to find new ways to achieve an exciting beer pouring experience each and every time.

A beerstylist is also an artist who celebrates the beauty of beer. Imagine a stream of rich blond effervescent lager caressing it’s way down a beautifully curved glass. Delicious bubbles rising in swirls and turning into froth on the crest of an ultimate wave settling at the top of a faultlessly full pint, drops of sweat cascading down it’s side. You can taste it with your eyes – the artist’s masterpiece, a perfectly poured glass of beer!